The revolutionized Communication Platform
The revolutionized
The revolutionized Communication Platform
Diversified mobile
and technology
The revolutionized Communication Platform
Six million
registered users
and counting
The revolutionized Communication Platform
Security Token
(STO) available

Developer of
2U Extended

2U is a smart communication platform designed to
deploy in a global environment. The goal is to enhance
quality of life by facilitating international communication.

2U Apps the powerhouse behind 2U platform that
continuously develops new features, applications and
technologies to improve 2U platform.

The team currently has social networking, media
sharing, Online shopping, mobile gaming, health
supplement products and lithium battery technologies
under development.

2U Applications

What are 2U Applications?

2U Applications are a wide range of mobile and technology
applications that interacts with each other in one ecosystem.
Current development includes Online shopping, social networking,
media publishing, mobile gaming, health products and lithium
battery technologies.

The six sub-projects in development are to create business value
and profit for the established 2U Chat communication platform.
These sub development projects covers variety of sectors would
give its users a comprehensive experiences. More sub-projects
will be added to development in time to further expand the
company’s market reach.

2U Token (2UT) is now available to purchase via Security Token
Offering (STO) listed in regulated digital assets exchange platform
- CyptoSX. Market value of 2UT reflects the aggregated
commercial value of all 2U Applications (2U Apps). 2UT subscribers
can trade 2UT freely in regulated and secure digital assets
exchange platform - CyptoSX.

Why Choose Us ?

The 2U Smart Ecosystem is built on 5G or future high-speed internet, using new energy technologies as a mainstay that leverages the business operation of 2U smart social networking, extended applications and big data, allowing 2U users to share profits and contribute to the environment at the same time.

Let's work together and work hard to build the 2U as it is our own home, to contribute to our efforts to improve the planet earth we rely on for a greener, peaceful and charitable future.

STO Campaign

Security Token Offering
Now Available for

STO Campaign

Aggregates Commercial
Value of All 2U Apps in
One Token - 2UT

Live Exchange
STO Campaign

Token Trading on
Fully Licensed CryptoSX
Digital Assets Exchange

STO Campaign

Secured Platform for
ERC-20 Tokens and
Smart Contracts

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